Is it worth all the money and time? Why should every organisation or company conduct surveys? 

The two methods to gain information about potential customers and their likes are research using primary sources and secondary sources. The primary sources are those obtained from the researcher himself with observations and surveys. The latter is the already-existing information available such as researches and old surveys. Although it might seem in some cases that secondary sources are significantly easier and cheaper to obtain, they are not personalized for the companies.


Consumers are very fragile and variable in their behaviors. How a consumer reacts to one company varies completely from how he reacts towards another; even if the two company are very similar in many aspects. Therefore, although obtaining information from previously made surveys and researches from similar companies may seem to be the clever way, doing a research specifically for the company is a must for understanding consumer.

Given the appropriate conditions, which we will explain in detail in our “Ways to increase the relevance and reliability of the survey” article, consumers are significantly more eager to answer the questions honestly and give their true opinion. Moreover, consumers feel more connected to the brands as they like being asked about their opinions which makes them feel important for the company. It is no surprise now that the customer feedback is the most important guide for companies in their planning process. What is better than receiving a feedback about a product after producing hundreds of it? Getting the feedback before. By surveying consumers, companies can avoid wasting money and time.


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