What is the Blockchain World Conference(BWC)?

Block Chain World Conference Logo
Block Chain World Conference Logo

Blockchain World Conference was one of the biggest blockchain conferences in the world, held in Atlantic City, USA between July 11th – 13th 2018. There were more than 4000 attendees and 80 exhibitors. John McAfee and Dr. Patrick Byrne were one of the keynote speakers, and they talked about important news regarding the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem.

John McAfee Founder of McAfee Associates
John McAfee
Founder of McAfee Associates

Survey Expert was at Blockchain World Conference!

We attended the conference as VIP, together with our Head of USA team Bita. It was a great experience where we had a chance to meet new people, new crypto start-ups and follow up with the latest news in the industry including financial and legal updates.

Legal Updates

Thursday afternoon we had a chance to listen, Ken C. Joseph, Former Head of the SEC’s Investment Management with 2 other lawyers and an attorney. Their talk was very informative which covered the SCC regulations and SAFT Program. According to Mr. Joseph, SCC started cryptocurrency and ICO regulations in August 2017, and they pointed out some relevant topics.

Don’t put bullshit on your whitepaper!

This was probably one of the most important topics of the talk. According to Mr. Joseph, SCC does record the whitepapers during an ICO and it most likely to be put in front of co-founder in case of a conflict at court. A small advice to all other crypto start-up founders, do not give a promise which you can’t make.

Onurhan and Bita at Blockchain World Conference
Onurhan and Bita at Blockchain World Conference

Court can freeze your personal assets, including bank accounts!

If you are a crypto-startup and did an ICO and somehow spent all of your money magically other then your company, you may be in deep trouble! Because, if someone sues you and American court thinks your spending is not legit, in other words, you stole the money, they have right to freeze your personal assets including your bank accounts. You heard what they said!

BTC and ETH are not security!

This was an interesting topic, where they discussed if BTC and ETH are security or should be security. As for now, they are definitely not security, and this doesn’t seem to change soon. According to Mr. Joseph, SCC is working quite a lot on this issue to understand what is going on.

Making an ICO, compliant with laws is possible!

Yes! This was super cool to hear from experts on this subject. It personally made me really comfortable, and I listened to it carefully about how Survey Expert can accomplish this. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers in the ICO and crypto-currency business which lower the credibility of the eco-system. This is why as a Founder, I believe Survey Expert must be fully compliant with the laws in order the distinguish from these scammers and establish a highly trustable reputation.

ICO Pitches

While buying our tickets, I was extremely excited to check out how other start-ups were doing and going to their ICO pitches. Because it is always a good idea to get influenced by the best and learn from them. However, I must admit that I am quite disappointed and happy at the same time. I am disappointed because my expectations were really high compared to our operations at Survey Expert. On the other hand, I am happy to see that Survey Expert is as good as, in some cases better than them. This was a good motivation for us to experience and increased our willingness to continue with Survey Expert project.


It was an excellent experience to attend such an event. I would like to thank all Blockchain World Conference team for the organization. Can’t wait to attend new events!

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Onurhan Öztürk
Founder of Survey Expert


Founder of Survey Expert

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