Onurhan Ozturk


What is the Blockchain World Conference(BWC)? Blockchain World Conference was one of the biggest blockchain conferences in the world, held in Atlantic City, USA between July 11th – 13th 2018. There were more than 4000 attendees and 80 exhibitors. John McAfee and Dr. Patrick Byrne were one of the keynote speakers, and they talked about important news regarding the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. Survey Expert was at Blockchain World Conference! We attended the conference as VIP, together with our Head of USA team Bita. It was a great experience where we had a chance to meet new people, new crypto start-ups and follow up with the latest news in the industry including financial and legal updates. Legal Updates Thursday afternoon we had a chance to listen, Ken C. Joseph, Former Head of the SEC’s Investment Management with 2 other lawyers and an attorney. Their talk was very informative which covered the SCC regulations and SAFT Program. According to Mr. Joseph, SCC started cryptocurrency and ICO regulations in August 2017, and they pointed out some relevant topics. Don’t put bullshit on your whitepaper! This was probably one of the most important topics of the talk. According to Mr. Joseph, SCC does…