Onurhan Öztürk ( Founder of Survey Expert) was at The CV Summit on 7th of November. The CV Summit located in Zug, the beautiful city of Switzerland.

The CV Summit was a unique event held in the heart of the Crypto Valley — in Zug. Switzerland and Lichtenstein have established themselves as the Crypto Valley, through the openness of the Swiss government it has become home of some of the most renowned crypto and blockchain companies such as: Aragon, Ethereum and many more who have established themselves in Zug.

The Theater Casino was full of founders, entrepreneurs, and investors. We had a chance to listen to incredible speakers on stage giving us insights of their vision for the Future of Finance and how they will shape the blockchain industry. And also the conversations in the exhibition hall were great for building new connections.

There were very important speakers at the conference such as; Franklyn Richards( COO/Litecoin), Niklas Nikolajsen (Co-CEO & Chairman/Bitcoin Suisse) Hester Peirce( U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) and more…

The most interesting part of the summit was Niklas Nikolajsen’s speech about Bitcoin Suisse. Bitcoin Suisse is a pioneer and global market leader in crypto-financial services based in the Crypto Valley in Zug. Niklas Nikolajsen, founder, Co-CEO and chairman of Bitcoin Suisse, shares with us what’s next for Bitcoin Suisse.

Essential players from the Crypto Scene and some outsiders like Franklyn Richards from Litecoin and Pavel Kravchenko talked about what’s next for the Crypto Valley Ecosystem.

Thanks to all Sponsors, Speakers, and Guests the CV Summit Finance was an incredible day filled with amazing memories.

We are looking forward to seeing this experience again in March 2019 for the 4th edition of the CV Summit — Crypto Valley.


Just a member of the lovely Survey Expert Team.

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