Survey Expert uses AWS as an infrastructure provider!

AWS Activate is a program that aims to support promising cloud-based startups and develop

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Survey Expert & Amazon Web Services Startup Program – Activate

cloud-based entrepreneurship throughout the world. The program provides startups with the
resources they need to quickly get started on AWS, including credits, training, and support. The
acceptance criteria for this program include having a strong technology, team, product and
sector, and a strong business model and proven traction, with good prospects for raising VC
investment. We are proud to say that we recently got accepted to AWS Activate Program!

The AWS Activate Program awarded us with Builders Package. Some benefits of this package
include 1000$ AWS Credit, free business and technical training resources and membership to the
AWS Startup ecosystem. Airbnb, Lyft and Slack are some of the members of AWS Startup
community, and we are thrilled to join among some of these world’s hottest startups!

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