On September 6th, our Chief Commercial Officer Erdem Dereli met with businessman and investors from Jordan at DEIK Istanbul – Jordan Conference. It was an excellent opportunity for us to talk about Survey Expert and get feedback from such people.

Survey Expert CCO meets investors from Jordan
Erdem Dereli – Survey Expert CCO

As Survey Team we are always looking for any co-operation opportunities. These include investment, customer&business relations, reference, and PR co-operations. At the Jordan meeting, our primary concern was investment opportunities both for private token sale and seed fundraise.

Jordan Dinar is the 4th most valuable currency on Earth and more expensive than currencies like British Pound, EU Euro and US Dollar. That’s why we believe; it can be an excellent opportunity for Jordanian investors to invest in technology companies like Survey Expert.

We are still in the negotiations phase and in-contact with them. We will keep you updated as soon as possible when there is progress. But keep in mind that, private investments usually take a longer time to progress. Keep up with Survey Expert blog for upcoming news!


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